Material selection of all-steel laboratory workbench

All-steel laboratory workbench is one of the necessary equipment in the laboratory, because we have high requirements for the design of the laboratory workbench, so it must not only have good performance, but also have good material and meet the various needs of the process of our love laboratory experiments, at present, all-steel laboratory workbench is widely used. Here is how to choose the material of the all-steel test bench.

Selection of all-steel laboratory workbench:

1. Frame of the experimental platform: Generally C-shaped square steel, reliable welding, after pickling, phosphating, electrophoresis, the surface of the experimental platform by epoxy resin high-pressure electrostatic powder spraying, high temperature curing treatment. It has good anti-corrosion properties, tight and strong, strong load-bearing force.

2. Experimental table surface: generally used epoxy resin board, solid core physical and chemical board, ceramic plate, marble SLATE, stainless steel plate, etc., the surface is treated by technology, smooth without pores, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, milling treatment, countertop corrosion resistance, waterproof have reached the good standards of the laboratory industry.

3. Test bench box: the main structure uses a fixed metal cabinet to directly support the table. The cabinet of the experimental platform is generally made of good cold-rolled steel plate and sprayed by epoxy resin electrostatic powder after pickling and phosphating.

4. Experimental bench door panel and drawer panel: generally use a good cold-rolled steel plate, the surface after phosphating electrostatic spray spray, the structure of the experimental bench is double-layer hollow reinforced, drawer without exposed rivets and screws.

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