Guorui main business

—— Total system integration

The overall integration of the Guorui experimental laboratory includes the design and construction of the intelligent laboratory, the integration of the laboratory system, the laboratory strong and weak electricity and its automatic control system...

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Information service ——

By working together to provide information technology technology, industry knowledge, and jointly create value..


—— Technical service

Guorui experimental operation and maintenance service is based on Industry 4.0 technical service support system, and comprehensively carries out laboratory BIM+ operation and maintenance services....


——Main product

It mainly includes experimental bench, side experimental bench, fume hood, laboratory accessories, etc., which are used in large and medium-sized laboratories of universities, scientific research units, medical building materials, chemical industry, food, etc.…

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—— Consumable spare parts

Provide laboratory chemical reagents, standard substances, compressed gases, glassware, measuring instruments, miscellaneous consumables, spare parts supply services...

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