Laboratory supplies supply

Provide laboratory chemical reagents, standard substances, compressed gases, glassware, measuring instruments, miscellaneous consumables, spare parts supply services.

Chemical reagent

Laboratory chemical reagents are the relative standard substances for chemical research and composition analysis, and are important conditions for scientific and technological progress. They are widely used in the synthesis, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances, and can be said to be the eyes of chemical workers.


Laboratory glassware is a necessary tool for chemical analysis work, commonly used laboratory glassware are measuring cylinder, burette, volumetric bottle, thermometer, test tube, flask, beaker, conical bottle, funnel, dropper, glass rod, plastic head dropper and so on.

Spare parts

Laboratory spare parts have low-value consumable products, generally known as consumables, and maintenance consumables, which are regularly replaced by consumables, and then parts used in fault maintenance.

There are many kinds of laboratory equipment, various models, long supply cycle, and it is difficult to plan and reserve spare parts. Our company provides frame supply, reserve maintenance and conventional spare parts.

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