Operation method and precautions of PP fume hood

Operation method and precautions of PP fume hood:

1. PP fume hood is made of PP material. It has excellent acid resistance, easy cleaning and oxidation resistance. It is incomparable to ventilation equipment made of other materials. It overcomes the disadvantages of rust, yellowing and cracking of traditional fume hood equipment under high temperature and concentrated acid environment. Therefore, it can be used for high-strength acid-base experiments, mainly for dust-free laboratories with high environmental requirements, as well as high-strength acid-base laboratories, purification rooms and other places.

2. PP fume hood adopts imported porcelain white polypropylene with a thickness of 15mm. The upper exhaust cabinet is composed of an upper suction exhaust pipe and a three-stage exhaust system is designed inside. It can extract various toxic gases in different proportions. Scientific and reasonable, no airflow dead Angle, to obtain the maximum exhaust gas capture performance. The lower storage tank consists of independent water, electricity and gas. The body pipeline system is designed to accommodate the cabinet, the middle partition is one layer, and the control panel is set on the side panel of the outer column for easy observation and operation. The experimental bench is made of imported 20mm thick ceramic and imported epoxy resin. The window is made of explosion-proof plexiglass with thickness greater than 10 mm, which can stay in any position of the track for easy user operation. The lower cabinet is equipped with acid mist system, activated carbon adsorption system and PP strong acid and alkali fan. Bending technology is used throughout the body. Not only beautiful, but also durable. It will not fall apart during transportation.

3. Before using the PP fume hood, the exhaust fan and lighting must be started first, and then the test operation can be carried out on the working face of the cabinet. When using, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. If the exhaust motor is used, it must be checked regularly. If an anomaly is found, specialized technical work must be required to fix it. In order to ensure the safety of the operator, when the splash and low explosion test is carried out in the laboratory, the glass movable plate must be closed, and the strong explosion test in the cabinet is strictly prohibited. During operation, do not hit the glass moving panel with your hand, head or other hard objects or tools. If the experiment volatilizes dangerous and toxic gases into the room, endangering the personal safety of indoor personnel, it must be operated in the working face of the fan, and must not be operated outside the cabinet. When electric furnace is required for cabinet test, insulation board such as asbestos pad should be padded.

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