What is a BIM operation and Maintenance Management Platform

BIM operation and maintenance management platform can realize the visualization, modeling and intelligent life cycle management of buildings.

What is the BIM operation and maintenance management platform?

BIM operation and maintenance management platform, with BIM as the core, the Internet as the carrier, set visualization, modeling, intelligent maintenance and other functions as a comprehensive operation and maintenance management platform.

The platform realizes data integration, recording and management to form a complete BIM model-related system, which concretionally presents information, and supports data visualization, data analysis, accident prediction, roaming inspection, roaming viewing, and VR training mode by connecting external equipment terminals.

2. How does BIM operation and maintenance management platform operate?

Through the operation and maintenance platform to achieve the integration of data, the independent equipment into a complete system, through the collection, analysis, integration, transmission, maintenance and repair information, to achieve problem tracking, analysis, early warning, accident reporting and other work, to achieve the visualization of the entire management process. Through external devices to achieve intelligent monitoring, inspection, coordination and other functions.

3. Market characteristics of BIM operation and maintenance management platform

With the improvement of management requirements, the state's new planning for modern service industry will subvert the traditional infrastructure operation and maintenance work and move towards a digital operation and maintenance management model. With the advent of the mobile Internet era, intelligent maintenance has become an industry trend and an indisputable fact.

Some metro operating units have also begun to seek a comprehensive operation and maintenance management platform integrating visualization, modeling, intelligence and other functions. Once there are successful cases, more and more metro units will join the ranks. It can be seen that the market prospects are broad, and a good operation and maintenance company may manage multiple subway lines.

4. What are the advantages of BIM operation and maintenance management platform?

① Visualization: visually see the maintenance, repair, replacement and other information of the equipment.

(2) Intelligent inspection: Without personnel on duty, intelligent hardware inspection runs an image collection system through the device to automatically monitor and warn.

(3) BIM model inspection: By browsing the BIM model of the equipment room, you can know information such as equipment history information, maintenance information, maintenance plan and other information.

④ Individual combat: equipment fault processing and maintenance through the system, guiding the operation personnel to accurately and quickly locate and deal with the fault.

⑤ Training mode: Guide operators to use and repair equipment to achieve more efficient equipment maintenance.

5. What are the benefits of BIM operation and maintenance management platform for customers?

If BIM model simply guides construction in subway operation, it is a waste of resources. Each metro company also vigorously promotes the secondary development of BIM model, fully taps the functions of BIM operation and maintenance management, and realizes the application value.

Six: BIM operation and maintenance management platform functions (take subway intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring platform as an example) :

1, 3D model diagram: the overall model of the station, model explosion diagram, convenient to view the equipment and components in the car.

2, indoor roaming diagram: by viewing the color changes of the graphics, determine whether the equipment needs maintenance and operation records, etc., you can also customize the roaming route of the machine room, and configure roaming.

3. Three-dimensional view of the station channel: the functions of emergency drill and escape rescue guidance are realized.

4, equipment management: according to the device list, quickly locate the model location of the device, accurate to the model, inspection equipment.

5, machine room management: machine room information, machine room equipment model can be viewed.

6, training function: After the training function is turned on, the color of the corresponding equipment that you want to train flashes. Click to eject the device separately. Device decomposition to achieve device decomposition diagram playback, you can also explain or play video, animation.

7. BIM inspection record simulation: simulation personnel processing process record, inspection route, check equipment problems.

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