After-sales quality warranty description

Our company pursues the purpose of careful service, in order to give users real satisfaction, especially to provide users with timely, rapid, high-quality after-sales one-stop service. Our company makes the following after-sales service commitment for this project:

First, after-sales quality warranty period

1. The project quality warranty period shall be implemented in accordance with the current national warranty provisions.

2. The project quality warranty period shall be calculated from the date when the project is signed upon completion and acceptance, and the project quality warranty period shall be one year.

3. If the project is handed over individually, the quality warranty period shall be calculated separately from the date of signing the acceptance of the single project.

4. In case of other special circumstances, the quality warranty period of the project shall be subject to the period stipulated in the contract terms agreed by both parties.

Second, after-sales quality warranty scope

1. Guarantee the quality of all equipment and accessories provided by us as agreed in the project contract.

2. The project quality warranty responsibility within the scope of construction and installation contracted by us as agreed in the project contract.

3. Other quality warranty responsibilities agreed by both parties and indicated in the construction contract.

Third, after-sales quality warranty notice

1, the customer needs to maintain the operation content

◆ Daily inspection, maintenance and maintenance of equipment, pipelines and electrical systems within the scope of warranty.

◆ Daily cleaning of equipment, pipes, electrical systems and environment within the scope of warranty.

◆ The customer shall protect the equipment, pipelines, electrical systems and other facilities within the scope of the warranty, and take good fire and anti-theft measures to avoid damage, falling off, deterioration, loss of each component, whole or single.

2. The following contents do not belong to the scope of after-sales quality warranty

◆ Damage to the project caused by force majeure, including earthquake, flood, wind and other reasons.

◆ The customer does not implement the daily maintenance regulations, maintenance is not in place the failure, the problem. For example; The fan bearing is not regularly filled with lubricating oil resulting in damage and noise, the fresh air unit filter screen is not regularly replaced resulting in wind pressure failure, and the pipeline filter is not regularly cleaned resulting in pipeline blockage and other problems.

◆ If the customer is the equipment, pipelines, electrical lines due to improper use or unauthorized change of structure, equipment location and improper decoration caused by quality problems.

◆ During the quality guarantee period, the customer shall bear the responsibility for the damage, falling off, deterioration or loss of each component, whole or single unit due to poor storage by the customer.

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